How to order?

This website is a private website and Inter-Coin is representing a private collector who offers selected world gold and platinum coins to collectors, dealers and investors. This coin list has been carefully established, available coins have been collected since 1972 and are offered for sale now.

All coins are guaranteed genuine and graded to international standards! 

All price are in Euros 

Coins can be ordered through the automatic email order system or directly by contacting Hans Ditz via email:


Tel./Fax 00351 282 461242 / Mobile Tel. 00351 968042996

Banco Santander Totta Portimao / Portugal
Hans-Joachim H.H. Ditz

Account Number: 0000.20243984001
NIB:0018 0000.20243984001 96

The coins can be ordered with a bank draft made out in a name Hans-Joachim Ditz to be send to:

Hans-Joachim Ditz
Apartado 82, 8500 Portimão,
Algarve, Portugal

Coins on approval, may be returned within 7 days from the date of receipt, how ever no coins maybe returned without the agreement of Inter-Coin.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to comply with foreign customs and exchange regulations.

All coins are banked!