South Africa, Proof Set 1945, King George VI, consist of 5 Proof Silver Coins, 2.5 Shilling /2 Shilling /1 Shilling /6 Pence /3 Pence all in Proof FDC condition /3 Copper Coins, One Penny /½ Penny /¼ Penny all in Proof FDC condition, in 1945 only 150 Sets have been minted, due to the very low Number and the high Quality of this Rare Set (very seldom offered in the market ) this is a first class Investment for Coin Collectors and Investors , the coins are housed in the org . Luxury South African Mint (SAM) Box in very good condition , the Set is offered for ==== Euro 1650,-

South Africa 1945, Proof Set, King George VI - Coin Set

  • 1,650.00€